Advocates for climate change mitigation, including actors, are calling on leaders to take further action following the recent Conference of Parties (COP 28). These activists, speaking at an Agricultural Field Day event in Mumias East, stress that the community has already experienced the effects of climate change and demand tangible steps from leaders, rather than mere talk. They urge leaders to fully implement the recommendations from previous COP conferences on climate change mitigation.

They are urging leaders to fully implement the recommendations made during previous COP conferences on climate change mitigation. Grassroots farmers have already taken steps to support these efforts, such as adopting climate-smart technologies, planting trees, and implementing greening initiatives on their farms to help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These local initiatives are seen as small but important strides towards mitigating climate change.

They further stress the need to replicate these efforts among the wider community, with Ripple Effect actively working with farmers to create safer environments and ensure sustainable food production for households. It is clear that Kenyans have already experienced the negative consequences of climate change, including floods, destructive pests, and droughts. Consequently, there is a call for countries with high carbon emissions to reduce their emissions and provide financial support to developing nations for climate change mitigation.

Moreover, grassroots farmers have made commitments to reduce activities that contribute to climate change, such as minimizing the use of synthetic fertilizers and embracing organic alternatives. In collaboration with World Bicycle Relief, Ripple Effect is also promoting the use of bicycles as a sustainable mode of transportation to reduce emissions generated by fossil fuel-dependent motorcycles and cars.

Overall, these climate change advocates are urging leaders to take serious action and implement effective measures to combat climate change, in order to protect communities and the environment.

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