Youth in Busia County have been encouraged to apply for the Youth Enterprise and Development Fund (YEDF) to enhance their economic prospects and create employment opportunities. The fund, which is a government initiative, aims to support young entrepreneurs and farmers by providing them with loans to kickstart their business ventures.

According to Edgar Akide, Assistant County Credit Officer at YEDF, the fund is available to individuals and groups of youth between 18-34 years old. “This is their money, and we urge them to visit our offices to learn how to apply and benefit from the funds,” he said.

The fund has already made significant progress in the county, with Sh15 million issued since the beginning of the financial year. Most of the beneficiaries have been from Matayos, Samia, and Nambale sub-counties. One notable example is the Auki youth group in Samia Sub-County, which deals in textiles and has supplied uniforms to several schools.

Akide emphasized the importance of timely loan repayment, stating that it not only helps the individual but also allows others to benefit from the fund. “Making your payment on time gives you an advantage of increment in your loan limit. It will also help others to benefit from the money you have paid,” he said.

To ensure successful projects, YEDF provides training to beneficiaries before issuing out loans. Mercy Wambui, an officer at YEDF, explained that other requirements for loan application include being a Kenyan citizen and having a business permit if the loan is meant for business.

The fund has shown positive results, with 70% of loans taken having been paid well. The success of YEDF has been attributed to its targeted approach, with most beneficiaries being youth from rural areas.

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