Participants of theAgrodealer Training organised by ADS

The Anglican Development Services Western Region (ADS) and the Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers (KENAFF) are spearheading a transformative initiative that promises to revolutionize the agricultural landscape. This project serves as a platform for cultivating partnerships, fostering growth, and addressing the diverse needs of both consumers and producers in the agricultural sector.

The Agrodealers Training Program, jointly organized by ADS Western Region and KENAFF, has successfully connected various stakeholders within the agricultural sector. The training sessions serve as a conduit for fostering vital business linkages that are tailored to the unique requirements of different participants. In an ever-evolving industry, where collaboration is key, these linkages offer a solution to boost efficiency and profitability for all involved.

Comprehensive Agricultural Education

Charles Oduor, Director of operations, Lubao Frequency Modulation Ltd emphasized the radio station’s unwavering commitment to the agricultural community. Lubao Frequency Modulation Ltd actively contributing to enhancing agricultural practices by providing comprehensive education to both Agrodealers and farmers in the region disseminated through engaging talk shows, extensive media coverage, and insightful farm reporting.

Media Coverage: Spotlighting Success

In a world where visibility is paramount, Lubao Frequency Modulation Ltd plays a critical role in giving farmers and Agrodealers the recognition they deserve. Through their extensive media coverage, they shine a spotlight on success stories, innovations, and the remarkable contributions of individuals and groups within the agricultural sector.

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