Investors in the western region have been urged to consider investing in agriculture in order to ensure that their produce meets export standards. This was stated by Moses Wetangula, the Speaker of the National Assembly, during the Kakamega County International Investment Conference 2024 held in Kakamega. Wetangula emphasized the significance of making substantial investments in agriculture to effectively address the challenges prevalent in the region. He underscored the potential for growth and development that a strong agricultural sector could bring to the western region.

Addressing attendees at the forum, Moses Wetangula stressed the importance of significant investments in agriculture to alleviate the challenges confronting the region. He highlighted the need to tackle these challenges through strategic investments that would not only benefit the investors but also the local communities. Wetangula called for a collaborative approach between investors and local governments to create an enabling environment for agricultural growth in the western region. His call to action aimed to stimulate economic development and enhance food security in the region.

In addition, Wetangula urged the western region counties to establish robust infrastructure that would facilitate ease of work for investors. He emphasized that the establishment of such infrastructure is crucial in supporting the growth and sustainability of agricultural investments in the region. Wetangula observed that reliable infrastructure would not only attract investors but also streamline agricultural activities. His focus on infrastructure development highlights the importance of creating a conducive investment environment for economic growth in the region.

Wetangula also emphasized that investments will create job opportunities for residents of the western region, enabling them to improve their livelihoods. He underscored the potential for job creation that increased investment in agriculture could bring, noting the positive impact on the socio-economic well-being of the local population. Wetangula urged the counties in the western region to prioritize investments in sectors that could generate employment opportunities for their residents. His emphasis on job creation through investment underscores the significance of economic growth in promoting sustainable development and prosperity in the region.

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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