Residents of Lugari Sub County in Kakamega County have received an appeal from the sub-county security committee, led by Deputy County Commissioner Simon Mutai and Police Commander Bernard Ngungu, urging collaboration with security agencies to maintain law and order. The plea was made at Lumakanda grounds, emphasizing the crucial role the public plays in combating crime and the hindrance caused by their reluctance to share essential information.

Ngungu highlighted that potential criminal elements reside within the community, stressing the importance of revealing their identities for effective apprehension. He pointed out that the criminals causing unrest in Lumakanda, Lugari, Chekalini, and other areas of the sub-county are local residents. Ngungu expressed frustration, stating that without the cooperation of the community, it is challenging for security forces to identify and address the threats.

Addressing concerns about reporting insecurity incidents, Ngungu discouraged local leaders from resorting to the media without first engaging with security offices. He emphasized the openness of their offices for addressing issues collaboratively and urged against relying solely on media complaints for problem-solving.

Ngungu advised local businesses to enhance security by collaborating and hiring night security guards rather than relying on inadequate measures like inexpensive padlocks. He emphasized the limited capacity of police patrols and the need for collective efforts to safeguard businesses effectively.

Mutai echoed the call for increased cooperation, emphasizing the partnership between residents and security agencies as the key to enhancing overall security in the sub-county. He issued a warning to youths against involvement in gambling activities, cautioning them about the long-term consequences. Mutai also appealed to parents to exercise financial prudence during the festive season, reminding them of upcoming school fees obligations in January.

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