My name is Keedah Isaac Odhiambo a Third-year student at The Multimedia University Of Kenya pursuing Journalism and Mass Communications. My main dream is to become an Investigative Journalist. For sixteen years, I have crossed paths with media outlets like the magazines and the televisions. I have as well worked closely with many top writers, speakers, and thoughtful leaders in the media sector  who have so far been my step-by-step guidance in my personal-development in the media industry.

The Media Industry is wide and large, for instance I run multiple accounts loaded with information majoring on entertaining and educating apart from informing. As usual media coverage is rarely limited and serves a huge population at a given time, this tendency seems to rise day by day. Let’s take for instance as a nation, our entire count once seems to have lost appreciation for the value of a strong media ethic. We’ve had two, if not three, generations of Africans who have known great prosperity, wealth, and ease of the media industry. Our expectations of what it really takes to create lasting media respect is things like hard work, and attitude and thus have been mostly forgotten.

Studying Media has therefore helped me gain much knowledge concerning different fields in the nation and even outside the nation, I have been able to participate largely with different media practitioners worldwide as well as gained additional skills from them. Apparently concerns from the past media practitioners have impacted my personal growth in the media field.

I have multiple dreams awaiting me to fulfill and I’m yet to achieve them. I think it has now been a norm in my life, my mentors do encourage me in my career and I’m now encouraged and ready to face any challenge in this same field. I can say that’s just a little review on my reason for being a media student. 

By Keedah Odhiambo

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