President William RutoPresident William Ruto at a past event. Photo Credits: @WilliamsRuto/X

President William Ruto has boldly declared that his focus extends beyond the upcoming  General Elections in the year 2027. Speaking during a church service in Sotik, Bomet County, Ruto emphasized his commitment to advocating for lasting change in Kenya, prioritizing a transformative agenda over his personal political ambitions. While  addressing the congregation, the president highlighted his dedication to reshaping the nation’s approach to service delivery for the benefit of future generations. He admonished leaders who prioritize securing their political futures at the expense of hindering development in their respective regions of jurisdiction.

“I am not planning on being re-elected; I am planning on how we will transform Kenya. That is my mission. Being elected again is by God’s plan and the will of Kenyans. My work is not planning on how I will be re-elected; my work is changing Kenya,” President Ruto declared emphasizing on  the necessity to concentrate on the next generation rather than the next election .

Expressing his commitment to fiscal responsibility, Ruto assured the public that he aims to prevent Kenya from facing insolvency, pointing out that several African countries are grappling with such challenges.

Additionally, he hinted at forthcoming financial support from international “friends and investors” who are optimistic about Kenya’s economic prospects. This announcement follows Kenya’s recent receipt of Ksh.103 billion ($682 million) from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), bolstering the existing lending program by $938 million. Kenya, currently navigating liquidity challenges, anticipates support as it approaches the maturity of a Ksh.303 billion ($2B) Eurobond in June 2024.

President Ruto’s emphasis on national transformation signals a break from the traditional political conventions, prompting contemplation on the potential impact this shift on Kenya’s political approach might bring along.

By Joseline Akaliche

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