Residents of Shikhungula village, Isukha North Ward, Shinyalu Sub county in Kakamega woke up in mesmerization after three cattle belonging to one of the residents had their hind legs cut by unknown people.

The owners, Antony Muyonga Shirisia and Mama Leonida were dismayed by the Thursday 9th Dec, 2021 early morning ordeal that left them helpless. According to Mama Leonida, it’s the mowing of the calf that alerted them at 2am which made them wake up to check what was transpiring, to their dismay, three cattle had deep cut on both hind legs.

It’s when she alerted neighbors who came to witness the fate that had befall them. The residents led by village elder Nicholas Lukwa were dismayed by the happenings urging the government to hasten the security state of the area as cattle theft cases were rampant and this new happenings were scary.

Confirming the incident, Buyangu sublocation assistant chief, Catherine Nekesa said that the community’s security especially with regard to animal theft was posing as a great challenge and it was a high time, the locals and security personel came up with a strategy that will ensure that such cases are not repeated. She said that thorough investigation will be carried out to ascertain the perpetrators of this heinous act.

By Saiida Javan

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