In a move to strengthen uptake and dissemination of information to the public by members of the fourth estate, the nations accreditation body Media Council has resorted to train its members after a selection panel that was tasked with choosing individuals for grants in coverage of sports and business termed a number of the applications as below par.

Through a statement sent to media houses, Media council of Kenya has noted that that there is a dire need to train journalists specifically those covering business and sports segments as they lacked the sparkle to move audiences in the country. They further observed that sports journalists were limiting themselves on previously covered events and were not exploring new dimensions in the category a move that the panel termed as shallow as they were unable to do thorough investigation in local sports.

Media Council of Kenya CEO, David Omwoyo further, in the press statement notes that, after the nationwide trainings that will be carried out, participants will have the opportunity to apply for reporting grants on various topics under the guidance of a mentor and a close watch of the council.

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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