More than 600 students have been able access direct entry to various universities compared to other years where there were only 3 students in Malava Constituency and this is attributed to the efforts of Honorable Moses Malulu Injendi as the Member of Parliament.

Speaking during a radio interview in one of the local stations, Hon. Injendi said that the improvement in education has been tremendous since he took over office. The Malava legislator also said that he has been meeting both primary and secondary school teachers to discuss issues concerning education in his area and come up with ways to improve performance.

Not only did he build decent classes but he also put up modern twin laboratories and libraries in various schools in a span of 8 years. He has also been able to build a total of 165 schools of which 116 are decent primary schools and 49 secondary schools with standard classes.

According to the former university don there are Vocational Training Centres like Shamberere TTI which he pays thirty thousand shilling per student every year and they get a sum of 1.5M from CDF, and through CDF he too pays five hundred shilling for each student for registration.

He also said that they are working on the seven thousand shilling the examination fee for the Vocational Training Centres which the government is supposed to be paying.

Hon Injendi revealed that the current security system is tight as compared to the recent past years. He has been able to put up police posts in areas like Kuvasali, Imbiakalo and he added that he is looking for a piece of land at Namagara so that he can place another police post to beef up security in the area.

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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