The first day of the Bungoma Rentals Trade Fair 2024 saw a large turnout of residents who came to witness over fifty small and medium-sized businesses showcasing their trades in the Western region. The event, now in its third edition, aims to promote innovation and sustainability within the local business community.

Organized by Debra Kisongoch, the trade fair provides a platform for networking and sales opportunities for the participating enterprises. Radio station 102.2Mhz Lubao also made a mark at the event by aligning itself with local SMEs and engaging with its wide fanbase.

Geoffrey Wanyonyi, Equity’s Bungoma Branch Manager, praised the achievements of the trade fair and emphasized the need to connect established businesses with SMEs for mutual growth. The event has already seen increased sales, networking opportunities, and visibility for the participating businesses.

As the expo continues into its second day, organizers are optimistic about the continued success of the event and the potential for further collaboration and growth within the local business community.

The Bungoma Rentals Trade Fair has provided a valuable platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to showcase their products and services to a wider audience, attracting new customers, forming partnerships, and gaining exposure for potential business expansion. Reputable businesses at the event have brought credibility and professionalism, offering mentorship and resources to smaller enterprises, fostering collaboration and innovation.

This cross-pollination of ideas has created a conducive environment for business growth and market understanding, driving economic development and creating employment opportunities in the region. The event’s positive impact is expected to have lasting effects on the business landscape in Bungoma and beyond, empowering local communities and contributing to overall economic growth.

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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