Parents have been urged to advice their children on careers but not to directly choose for them on which career they need to pursue in life.

Speaking to the form four parents of Sangalo high school during the school career day, the career club school patron Allan Simiyu has indicated that many high school leavers   find themselves in  a fix at the higher education level due to  wrong career choices proposed to them by their parents.

Simiyu has either told parents to discover talents of their children and nurture them at early stages stating that most of the world class celebrities’ talents were discovered at tender age.

Apparently he has challenged parents who neglect art, crafting and many other in born talents shown by their children at the early stage saying that  Kenya  as a country and the continent at large is gradually shunning away from white collar jobs to impressing hand work due to the increase in innovation and technology at large.

By Hillary Karungani

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