Busia Governor Paul Otuoma has called on senators to collaborate with governors in order to strengthen devolution in Kenya. During a visit by the Senate committee members of Trade and Tourism to Busia, Governor Otuoma highlighted the need for certain functions to be devolved to the counties and for resources to follow those functions at the county level. He emphasized the importance of coordination between the county and national governments to avoid duplication of efforts.

Governor Otuoma particularly emphasized the challenges faced by counties in the areas of housing and health, urging the Senate to address these issues. He also requested protection for governors from being impeached by Members of County Assembly (MCAs), as they are elected by the people and their decisions should reflect the will of the voters.

Senator Okiya Omtata clarified that there was no personal disagreement between himself and Governor Otuoma, but rather they had different roles in serving the local residents. He plays an oversight role, while the governor implements projects.

The Vice Chair of the Senate committee, Esther Okinyuri, stated that the committee is committed to working with the county government to address challenges in the trade sector and ensure the county receives the expected amount of money as a border county. She also pledged to follow up on issues such as the Cooperative Act, as Busia County has been proactive in developing its citizens through cooperative entities.

Additionally, Senator Kerong’o Wathangwa mentioned the committee’s plans to decongest the trailers in Busia and Malaba towns by developing a trailer park in the county.

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