Residents of Bukhungu Location in Kakamega county have expressed their support for the construction of a new police post at Nyayo Tea Zone in Milimani. They believe that this initiative will greatly improve the security of the local community. During a public participation event organized by Bukhungu Location Chief Ben Muhanji, residents voiced their opinions and concerns about the need for a police post in the area.

One of the main requests made by the residents was for the partners involved in the project to install high mast flood lights. This would further enhance security measures and ensure a safer environment for the community. The residents believe that well-lit areas will deter criminals and provide better visibility during nighttime.

The area Chief, Ben Muhanji, announced that the Kenya Forest Service has donated half an acre of land for the construction of the police post. This land will serve not only Nyayo Tea Zone but also the nearby areas of Milimani and parts of Lurambi. The Chief also mentioned that the National Government, Kakamega County Government, National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF), and Masinde Muliro University will collaborate on the construction project.

In addition to discussing the police post, the Chief also issued a warning to notorious chang’aa brewers. He urged them to stop engaging in illegal activities and instead focus on more meaningful businesses. This reflects the community’s desire for a safer and more prosperous environment.

During the public participation forum, Bonface Manoah, the security officer of Masinde Muliro University, expressed his support for the project. He mentioned that the university had previously participated in the construction of a police post in Kefinco estate within Lurambi Sub County. Since its construction, this police post has significantly reduced insecurity cases in the area.

Manoah highlighted the university’s commitment to security by installing high mast flood lights in Kefinco and Koromatangi estates. The plan is to continue this initiative at Nyayo Tea Zone and wherever the community deems necessary. The university believes that well-lit areas play a crucial role in deterring criminal activities and ensuring the safety of the residents.

Furthermore, Manoah addressed the issue of student accommodation. He encouraged community members who provide housing for students to register with the Landlord Hostel Owners Association at the university’s Dean of Students office. By doing so, they can resolve any disputes that may arise between landlords and students. Additionally, being a part of the association gives landlords the opportunity to be considered for providing accommodation to students during intakes.

With a high number of students attending Masinde Muliro University, there is a constant need for accommodation. By registering with the Landlord Hostel Owners Association, community members can contribute to meeting this demand while also benefiting from the additional income.

Overall, the support for the construction of the police post at Nyayo Tea Zone and the installation of high mast flood lights demonstrates the community’s commitment to improving security. These efforts, along with the participation of Masinde Muliro University and other stakeholders, aim to create a safer and more secure environment for all residents. Additionally, the involvement of the Landlord Hostel Owners Association in resolving accommodation issues highlights the community’s dedication to supporting the university and its students.

Wycliffe Andabwa

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