St. Teresa’s Isanjiro has concluded the 844 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam with great success. Out of the 217 candidates, 29 scored 400 marks and above, while only two candidates with special cases scored below 200 marks. The school achieved a new mean score of 357 marks, making it the top school in Kakamega North sub-county.

The highest scoring candidate obtained 410 marks, leading the group of 28 other exceptional performers. Senior teacher Patrick Misiko attributed the school’s success to its strong values and discipline. Misiko also highlighted the dedication of the teachers in achieving these impressive results. Deputy headteacher Angela Chepchumba expressed confidence in handling upcoming exams, such as Kepsea and CBC, with the same level of professionalism.

Head teacher Carolyne Wanjala, who was unable to attend, expressed gratitude for the support of both parents and Divine guidance in achieving these outstanding results. She encouraged other parents to trust the school and its commitment to providing top-notch academic performance.

By Linet Mukaisi

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