If the governor of Kakamega continues to withhold funds for ward development, the operations of the county government may come to a halt. This has angered and frustrated a group of county representatives, who claim that the governor released the funds, totaling Ksh 20 million, to ministries instead of distributing them to the representatives as previously agreed. During a fundraising event, led by minority leader David Ndakwa, the representatives expressed their dissatisfaction and warned that they would not tolerate this decision for the next two weeks unless the governor reverses it.

They believe that the governor is trying to portray them as non-performers in the eyes of the public. Ndakwa called for unity among the members of the county assembly to find a solution to this issue, which affects all 60 wards in the county. He criticized the governor for erasing the structures put in place by his predecessor, which allowed the funds to be channeled directly to the representatives, and instead using the ministries to control the funds. The representatives also highlighted that the governor is excluding them and working with Members of Parliament from the county, a move they consider detrimental. They expressed concern that devolution is at risk, especially since the county budget has already been passed.

 TItus Kwoma, an MCA, confirmed that their accounts have no funds for development, resulting in a lack of progress in infrastructure projects. The MCAs emphasized that the governor’s leadership style needs improvement if the county is to regain its status as one of the top performing counties. Additionally, they mentioned that, despite receiving Ksh 4 million for early childhood development education (ECDE) from the county, they have had to use personal funds for development initiatives. They also criticized the governor for stalling the implementation of the county integrated development plan (CIDP) and called on residents to form women’s groups to benefit from a Ksh 100 million grant provided by the county.

Political analyst Samuel Tsimbwela, who was a guest at the event, encouraged the leaders to prioritize development for the benefit of society. He emphasized the need for politicians to fulfill their responsibilities rather than only focusing on campaigning when elections draw near. As young politicians, he stated that they are committed to supporting leaders who prioritize development, regardless of their political affiliation, while distancing themselves from non-compliant leaders when the time is right. He contributed 50,000 towards the drive.

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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