More than 500 families from Chimoroni village, Chemuche Ward in Malava Constituency have been relieved after Ward Representative Geoffrey Sikolia repaired a bridge connecting Chimoroni Market and Sokomoko Village. According to residents, the bridge has been a barrier to transportation, especially during the sugarcane harvesting season.

Just two days after the Kakamega Governor visited Malava Constituency to inaugurate the repair of ten kilometers of road, Geoffrey Sikolia called on the residents to support him in his efforts to bring development to the area. Sikolia also encouraged young people from Chemuche Ward to apply for job opportunities to ease unemployment among them.

He made these remarks while urging sugarcane milling companies to obtain permits for cutting sugarcane from the residents before proceeding to farmers in outer areas.

The repair of the bridge by Sikolia has significantly improved the connectivity of Chimoroni village to other areas, allowing for easier access to markets and essential services. This development has been welcomed by the community who now feel more connected and supported.

Sikolia’s dedication to improving infrastructure in the area is commendable, and his proactive approach in addressing the needs of the community is appreciated by residents. The repair of the bridge has not only eased transportation challenges but has also instilled a sense of hope and progress in Chimoroni village.

Residents are hopeful that with continued support and development initiatives led by Geoffrey Sikolia, Chimoroni village and its surrounding areas will experience further improvements and opportunities for growth. Sikolia’s efforts have been instrumental in bringing positive change to the community, and his commitment to serving the people of Chemuche Ward is recognized and valued.

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