Former Kakamega Governor and ODM Deputy Leader, Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya, has expressed concerns over the government’s persistent borrowing from external sources to pay off previous debts, cautioning that this practice could have lasting negative effects on Kenyan citizens. Oparanya also voiced his support for Raila Odinga’s bid for the Chairmanship of the African Union, citing Raila’s seasoned political acumen and ability to compete for leadership roles both domestically and internationally.

In an exclusive interview on Lubao FM, Oparanya criticized the government’s directive to make school fee payments through the E-Citizen platform. He argued that many parents lack the necessary skills or resources to navigate the system, leading to unconventional methods such as using firewood or maize to pay school fees.

Oparanya stressed the importance of registering ODM party members, underlining the need for a united front within the coalition to ensure a strong presence in the upcoming 2027 general elections. He emphasized the collaborative efforts among coalition parties to maintain political influence and effectively represent the interests of the people.

Furthermore, Oparanya condemned the delays by the central government in disbursing funds to county governments, noting the direct impact on the execution of devolved projects. He pointed out the adverse consequences of the government’s consistent borrowing practices on the Kenyan populace, urging for a more sustainable financial approach to secure the welfare of citizens.

In light of the financial challenges facing the country, Oparanya highlighted the significance of prudent fiscal management and emphasized the need for responsible governance to safeguard the nation’s economic future. He called for transparent decision-making processes and accountability to ensure that public resources are utilized effectively for the benefit of all Kenyans.

By Paul Ndunga

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