With the developments we are witnessing in the tech world, nations are also advancing in a move to localize the content among their citizens. Ethiopia’s IT gurus are down to work devicing a social media platform that will rival the known, Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter. In a statement from Information Network Security Agency (INSA) Shumete Gizaw, even though the country doesn’t plan to shut down the current social media platform, there are several shortcomings that are evident and needed quick address.

He for instance pointed the move by Facebook to delete posts unknowingly by the user as a limiting factor that should be addressed. Shumete did not reveal any details regarding the timelines or budget for the development of the platforms. He however said that Ethiopia was well equipped to develop the platforms without help from outside.

He said that the development of a rival platform for WhatsApp and Zoom had been completed and are already being tested while the development for Facebook and Twitter alternatives were already underway. Shumete justified Ethiopia’s rationale behind the developments, saying Facebook had blocked users who were “preaching national unity and peace.

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