A Form Three student at Mundaha Secondary School in Khwisero constituency, Kakamega county is currently receiving medication at the Mwihila mission hospital for injuries she succumbed to after her alleged beat her up because of school fees.  

According to the school girl, Beverlyne Khatondi her father could not hear her request to have her school fees balance amounting to Ksh4900 but rather turned against her injuring her on the head. “My brother who works in Nairobi had promised to send Ksh10,000 to cater for part of my school fees and my younger sister who was to be admitted to Form One in the same school. But when I tried to ask my father, after he enrolled my sister, over the balance to pay my fees he attacked us in the kitchen with a hammer and a rungu,” Khatondi.

Human Rights activists in Khwisero led by Nancy Njomo, however, claim the kids’ mother. She says that according to reports, the girl had earlier claimed the father had harrassed her on several occasions with the mother remaining quiet.

By Sajida Javan

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