The Bodaboda medical ventures continued its extensional services to South Kabras of Malava constituency (Kabras West Sub County) amid discrepancies emerging on the purported headquarters location taking centre stage.

The medical camp which is facilitated by a local in support of bringing services closer to the community has been seen as a campaign tool to drum up support for his political endeavors in the coming political period pitting him against the current West Kabras Mca who is also keen to grab the political mantle in the newly created sub county that will be elevated into a constituency after the Independent electoral and boundaries commission (IEBC) survey gives a go ahead.

The former South Kabras Mca Samson Tali who graced the occasion hailed the initiative of its great importance to the locals and of more value compared to the normal funeral tantrums from politicians and thanked the facilitator Nelson Taliti for his gesture to assist communities within.

At the same time he challenged the choosing of Shikutse as the sub county headquarters noting that (Ingavira) where the function was held was strategic and more exposed in terms of infrastructure and other functions and added that he was happy to standing for new national identification entrants through the availability of Huduma centre services.

The human rights activism official Tom Mwanje stood ground and stated that they will still push for a renegotiation of the location of the headquarters and the name of the sub county after which they will embark on streamlining the unfair and uncouth harassment the local two Miller’s were subjecting farmers too.

“We cannot sit here and be happy when these millers only increase tonnage prices once they realize farmers have no canes to harvest and do vice versa after enticing them to plant more, we Aldo want to know their leasing programmes to our farms in within here where they have shortchanged some of our farmers and become real owners of their chunks of land, those are the issues we need to tackle as leaders and I’m seeking your indulgence as the political class of sound mind to join this course to seek justice for our people.”

The chairman of directors West Kenya out growers Daniel Ondenyo who represented the facilitator Nelson Shilunji Taliti asked the locals to remain calm and focused as the administration does its feasibility and confirmation study on the proper locality of the headquarters of the new sub county.

I’m here today to represent your son of the soil who has sent it fit to bring some of this services closer to you as one way of creating awareness, informing and educating the communities within on what they should have during when and where to go in case of any in eventualities and he has promised to keep on supporting such programmes so that some of us who can’t afford to travel to other places to access them can do so from here and I’m happy that the turnout is encouraging and we will continue to stand with him throughout his gestures and when he retires and comes home to us and requests for out support in whichever position, please let us rally behind him.

The only thing that he has insisted on is to uphold the rule of law and stop politicizing what the government decides since whether the headquarters are placed anywhere within the subcouny and the name of the newly created constituency doesn’t fit your preference, remember the benefits are more overwhelming than just the two, please let’s be people of seeing the bigger picture. “

The Bodaboda ventures officials led by Meshack Wamalika revealed that they had partnered with various stakeholders to provide services to the people and hailed the efforts put in place by their patron Nelson Shilunji in ensuring that health was given first priority with application for national identity cards for the young people also being hyped at the event  

Among the companies that brought their services included, Equity Afia, Safaricom, Sunking, Huduma Centre Invest and grow among others with over 500 local being serviced.

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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