I am Beldine Wechuli, a third year student at Kibabii University pursuing Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication. Journalism is a course that has always intrigued me since childhood. I didn’t second-guess myself while choosing this course.

The place of women in the field of Journalism is one important factor that triggered me to pursue this noble career. Historically, women in journalism have faced challenges including gender-based discrimination and limited opportunities for progress. Women often have to overcome stereotypes that have portrayed them as less capable. I am a member of IAWRT (International Association of women in Radio and Television), a non-profit professional organization for women in Media. I am under the mentorship of the famous radio presenter Jeridah Andayi. This organization has strengthened my conviction for journalism and being among women has helped me see change in the field of Journalism.

We need journalism from a woman’s point of view. The involvement of women in the world of journalism and media means that women have a major contribution in determining salient issues. Women have always been seen as merchandise, sexual objects for male gratification which diminishes a woman’s potential and power to be willing to occupy the strategic positions in mass media. Today this has changed. Women have a voice! At least the involvement of women in media can be expressed through social media reporting on women. 

I have been an active member of the drama and Journalism clubs since primary school, this has helped sharpen my creativity and confidence which are very important aspects in this field. The modern day Journalism doesn’t only involve educating and informing people, it also includes aspects of entertainment. I aim to educate, to inform and through use of my hobby, to entertain people.

The illusion of it being eminent is what drives most people to choose this career. I chose this career because I have witnessed the impact that it has from uncovering corruption, ensuring accountability, shedding light on important social, political, economic aspects and most importantly its ability to shape history and stand up against online harassment on women journalists and women at large.

By Beldine Wechuli

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