Coffee farmers in the Kambiri area of Shinyalu Constituency, Kakamega County are urging the government to intervene and support them in strengthening their coffee cultivation efforts. These farmers are facing challenges due to the high transportation costs, which significantly reduce their earnings from the crop. Joash Musonye, the chairman of the Kambiri Coffee Growers Society Co-operative, emphasized the need for assistance in acquiring essential tools such as a coffee grinder and preservative to improve their farming operations.

During a recent meeting to pay the farmers for their coffee in Mukhonje, it was evident that the issue of transportation costs is a major concern for the farmers, as it eats into their profits. The farmers also expressed frustration over their unsuccessful efforts to secure a coffee grinder and preservative through formal channels. The lack of access to these tools hinders their ability to process and preserve their coffee effectively, impacting the quality and market value of their produce.

The delay in payments for the coffee harvested further compounds the challenges faced by these farmers. Without timely payments, the farmers struggle to meet their financial obligations and invest adequately in their farms. This issue not only affects their current livelihoods but also jeopardizes the long-term sustainability of coffee farming in the region.

As the coffee farmers in the Kambiri area continue to grapple with these challenges, they are hopeful that the government will heed their plea for assistance and provide the necessary support to enhance their farming practices. Addressing the issues of high transportation costs, delayed payments, and the lack of essential tools will be crucial in ensuring the prosperity of coffee farming in this region and improving the livelihoods of the farmers.

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