By Everlyne Wanjala

Despite receiving a modern coffee crushing machine from Bungoma County Government through Kapkateny Ward representative Joan Kirong, coffee farmers at the Kapsacha Cooperative Factory are still facing transportation challenges. The farmers are calling on the County Government to build roads to the factory as they struggle to transport their coffee produce under difficult circumstances.

Isaac Nakhabala, the Chairman of the Kapsacha Cooperative Industry, shares the experiences of the farmers with the previous non-modern machine and expresses gratitude for the new digital one. However, he emphasizes the urgent need for road infrastructure to ease the transportation burden on the farmers. Additionally, Nakhabala raises concerns about the lack of electricity in the area, which poses a threat to the safety of the farmers’ coffee yields.

The issue of water accessibility is also highlighted as a crucial factor affecting the coffee farming community in the area. Nakhabala stresses the importance of addressing these challenges to support the farmers and ensure the sustainability of their coffee production. The residents, including coffee farmer Arap Kingo, are united in their plea for development and essential infrastructure improvements to boost the local agriculture sector.

The cooperation between the farmers, the County Government, and local representatives is essential in addressing the pressing needs of the coffee farming community in Bungoma County. The allocation of resources towards road construction, provision of electricity, and access to water will not only enhance the efficiency of coffee production but also contribute to the overall development and prosperity of the region.

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