By Everlyne Wanjala

The residents of Mount Elgon and Bungoma County are being urged to proactively seek out cancer screening tests in an effort to combat the high number of deaths caused by this disease. Speaking at a funeral ceremony for the late Mutios Bucheche, a former head teacher who succumbed to cancer, Deputy Governor Jenipher Mbatiany emphasized the importance of early testing and prompt treatment. This push for early detection is seen as a crucial step in reducing the impact of cancer on the local community.

In line with the efforts to improve access to cancer care, Chief Officer Nicholas Kiboi of the Ministry of Education in Bungoma County proposed the need to have cancer specialists available in all county hospitals. This would ensure that residents have access to expertise and resources necessary for effective treatment. The presence of specialized professionals in the healthcare system is seen as a key component in the overall strategy to combat cancer in the region.

Adding to the discussion on enhancing cancer care, Kimili Member Didimus Barasa suggested equipping Bungoma County hospitals with the necessary medical equipment for treating the disease. This proposal was met with support as a practical step towards improving healthcare services and tackling the cancer epidemic. The implementation of such measures could potentially save lives and alleviate the burden of cancer on the local population.

Member of Parliament for the Mount Elgon area, Fred Kapondi, also weighed in on the issue, noting the widespread fear and concern within the community regarding the impact of cancer. With a growing awareness of the disease’s prevalence and devastating effects, there is a pressing need for collaborative efforts among government officials, healthcare professionals, and the public to address this urgent public health challenge.

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