Deputy Speaker of the Kakamega County Assembly, Bernard Isindu Shitiabayi, has called on leaders to ensure that the elderly are registered in the government’s Inua Jamii program to benefit from the monthly government payments. He made these remarks during a funeral ceremony in the village of Ikonyero.

Addressing mourners at the funeral of Mzee Josphat Imbayi, the Deputy Speaker urged leaders to prioritize the inclusion of individuals aged over seventy in the Inua Jamii program. He also took the opportunity to congratulate the newly sworn-in Sub-County Chief of Lubao.

In addition, he urged residents to be vigilant about the performance of elected leaders, stating that those who are not diligent in their duties will not be reelected in the upcoming general elections.

The Deputy Speaker also requested MP Fred Ikana to provide scholarships of not less than 10,000 Kenyan shillings to needy students to support their education.

Furthermore, he expressed his intention to run for a leadership position in the year 2027.

By Paul Ndunga

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