Police officers based in Nangili, Kakamega’s Likuyani Sub County, executed a successful operation leading to the recovery of 13 stolen sheep at a homestead in Karara village, Trans Nzoia County. Five individuals, including four men and a woman identified as the mother-in-law of the main suspect, were apprehended in connection to the theft. However, the alleged ring leader, Jeremiah Njuguna, managed to evade capture and remains at large pending further investigation.

Chief Peter Lugano of Kongoni location commended the collaborative efforts of residents in providing vital information that facilitated the recovery of the stolen livestock. The prompt response by the police following a public tip-off resulted in the identification and return of all 13 sheep, valued at Sh 130,000, to their rightful owners.

Lugano urged continued vigilance among Kongoni residents and stressed the importance of maintaining a cooperative relationship with law enforcement agencies to enhance community security. He issued a stern warning to individuals involved in criminal activities, emphasizing that their illicit endeavors will not go unpunished.

Margaret Khatemo, one of the victims whose stolen lamb was recovered, expressed gratitude towards the diligent efforts of the Nangili police officers in swiftly resolving the theft incident. The suspects are set to face theft charges in court, underscoring the commitment of authorities to uphold the rule of law and safeguard the welfare of the local community.

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