By Brian Waswa

Geoffrey Ambaye, the Chairperson of Lyanungu Community, has called upon residents of the area to join hands in a tree planting exercise in Kakamega Forest. Ambaye, who spoke at a community meeting, emphasized that they have more than 10,000 seedlings available for planting and appealed to residents to take advantage of the opportunity.

He explained that the community has been working on several projects aimed at controlling pests and diseases, and also plans to establish a nursery within the forest to provide employment opportunities for the local youth. The aim is to involve the community in the conservation of Kakamega Forest, which is a vital resource for their livelihood.

However, Ambaye noted that the community has been facing challenges in implementing their projects, citing lack of funds and inadequate resources. He urged residents to work together to overcome these challenges and find sustainable solutions to protect the forest from harm.

The Chairperson also highlighted the importance of community participation in tree planting, emphasizing that it is crucial for the survival of the forest. He appealed to residents to join hands in this initiative and work together to achieve their goals.

Ambaye concluded by emphasizing that with unity and collective effort, they can overcome the challenges they are facing and ensure the long-term survival of Kakamega Forest.

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