By Kefa Linda

Kakamega County Commissioner, Michael Mwangi, has issued a warning to owners of entertainment joints, bars, and other establishments selling alcohol near educational institutions in the area. The Commissioner has cautioned that these establishments are posing a threat to the moral fabric of the students and are hindering their academic progress.

Speaking during a function at Mukumu Girls’ School in Shinyalu Constituency, which was organized by Kakamega County Women Representative, Elsie Muhanda, Mwangi emphasized that the proximity of these establishments to educational institutions is a recipe for disaster. He warned that the owners of these establishments are taking advantage of the students’ vulnerability and are contributing to the decline of moral values in the community.

Mwangi urged parents and guardians to take responsibility for their children’s education and to ensure that they are not exposed to negative influences. He also called upon the owners of these establishments to respect the boundaries of educational institutions and to desist from activities that promote moral decay.

The Commissioner emphasized the importance of upholding high moral standards in the community and promoting a culture of respect for education. He warned that any establishment found to be operating near educational institutions without permission would be shut down.

Mwangi’s warning is seen as a timely intervention to address the growing concern about the negative impact of entertainment joints and bars on the education system in Kakamega County.

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