The Malava national government constituency development fund (NGCDF) has disbursed bursaries worthy Kshs 40Million to at least 16,000 applicants.

The constituency fund manager Collins Obuya while briefing the press confirmed that already

Kshs. 15 Million worth of cheques have been signed and allocated to various students in colleges and tertiary institutions across with almost all applicants totaling to 4,000 who met the criteria benefiting.

Obuya said the bursary allocation for colleges however did not consider this students who had applied but performed dismally.

Due to the high number of applicants in the constituency, we saws it fit to only consider those applicants who scored D plus and above and who met the applications requirements where they were issued with the same amount of fees unless in cases where the applicant has special needs such as partial, total orphan or disabled, her we have a tailor made allocation set for them and one qualifies for it after attaching prof of identity of the situation they are in, they have to attach documents to that effect to enable us consider their situation.

The manager observed that despite the constituency having many application they had a ceiling of funds set for bursary and could not surpass the limit.

“We have many students here applying but we only have to work within our budget and that is why the number of fees one receives is calculated from the total number applicants versus the total bursary funds and this is to enable us also run and manage other projects within the total constituency allocation ” he added.

He pointed out that the secondary funds amounting to Kshs. 25Million worth of cheques are ready and will be distributed to schools at the first week of opening where almost 12,000 students have benefitted.

“We were through with the planning of the cheques during the last week before schools closed so we decided to hold on to the cheques until they resume earl next months before we begin the disbursement process. He also disclosed that the fund was further fully catering for some students by paying full fees for them.”

Adding We have three students one at Malava Boys, Samitsi girls and one who has cleared form four and is joining university where we have taken it upon ourselves to full sponsorship programme due to the magnitude of their family vulnerability and we will continue to support them until they clear their education.

He hailed the efforts put I place by the area MP Malulu Injendi in ensuring that at least every student who applied is considered.

On his part the MP said it was his top most priority to ensure education for all and promised to continue supporting education matters.

“I’m an educationist and I give it first priority because it is the only game changer in the society, and

I still call n all stakeholders to come together and support our education prosperity in the sub


By Andabwa Wycliffe

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