Traders at the Mukhuyu market, located on the border of Kabras South and West wards in the Malava Constituency, Kakamega County, are expressing growing concern over security issues in the area. The lack of proper roads and adequate lighting at the market has caused anxiety among traders, prompting them to call for immediate action from local leaders.

The traders, who are eager to establish an official market day, are also requesting the installation of a tower light to improve security and deter criminal activities in the area. The growing unease among traders highlights the urgent need for enhanced safety measures to protect businesses and ensure the well-being of those who rely on the market for their livelihoods.

The calls for increased security measures at Mukhuyu Market serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a safe and thriving trading environment for the local community. As traders continue to voice their concerns, residents and leaders are urged to address these issues promptly to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders in the market.

By Wycliffe Sajida

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