A family from Siera village, Bukhayo / Walatsi ward, Nambale sub-county, Busia County, is crying foul after a relative was allegedly beaten and badly injured by Lupida’s Assistant chief and succumbed a few days later.

Family members led by parents of the late, Christopher Wanyonyi and Topista Wanyonyi claim that 41-year-old Enos Wanjala was found on the 14th of last month at a chang’aa den Lupida’s sub-chief, Willy Opio who was accompanied by his colleague of Katira sub-location, Denis Dindi where he was stabbed seven times and kicked in the chest and ribs leaving him with severe pain that led to his death.

The children of the deceased have expressed their grief over the death of their father considering that he was the sole source of support for their lives after their mother ran away while they were still young several years ago.

Members of this family have collectively called on the security department to intervene and ensure that they get justice.

Nambale sub-county deputy commissioner Carolyne Ochoka advised the complainants to report to the police if they had enough evidence so that appropriate action could be taken.

They also complained of being ignored by the Butula security department following the incident and demanding justice.

By Hillary Karungani

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