Love and Peace Foundation Kakamega County Coordinator, Julius Mutali Awards a Certificate to One of the Participants of the Recently Concluded Training Programme. Photo By: Javan Sajida

As one way to promote the local community through training and support, a non-governmental organization Love and Peace Foundation from Nairobi over the weekend gave certificates of qualification to more than 60 residents from Kakamega County, after graduating from the training that the organization conducts in the local areas, including preaching peace, making soap, cakes and other products.

 During a joint meeting held at a Kakamega Hotel which was attended by the groups’ grass root leaders, aimed at ensuring that everyone gets the skills to enable them be self-employed.

According to the groups Kakamega county co-coordinator, Julius Mutahi they are also devising a plan to see vulnerable members in the society are accorded with food and blankets.

Julius Mutahi dismissed the notion among young people about the lack of jobs in the country, asking them to avail themselves and be ready to learn things that will help them.

The Love and Peace Foundation plans to give its members a  twelve thousand shillings grant to enable them start up a project so that they can develop themselves economically.

In addition, Julius asked those planning to join the organization to prepare to study as applications are ongoing.

Attendees and participants congratulated Love and Peace Foundation organization for the wise gesture.

By Kennedy Babangida and Sajida Javan

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