The health aspect in teeth is one of the major neglected and underrated in Kenya. Speaking to a one on one interview with Lubao Fm on Friday 14th June 2023, Dr Felix Ayondi, an eye and dental specialist from  Bungoma Dental and Eye care Center illustrated some of the symptoms of teeth diseases.

Pain in teeth, swollen or bleeding gums and bad breath are some of the symptoms associated with illnesses of the teeth that can be avoided through teeth cleansing twice monthly.

Many people are  tempted to overlook this necessary procedure because they brush their teeth regularly. But that is not enough.Teeth Cleansing, a professional service carried out by teeth hygienists or dentists to clean your teeth thoroughly. This exercise is performed on teeth and gums to remove plaque or tartar and help prevent diseases and infections.

He also encouraged people to be on alert and always ensure that the dentists , hygienists and  health practitioners  are qualified by checking their badges and credentials for their own health Safety. 

By Keedah Odhiambo

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