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On 28th Feb 2022, around 300 journalists from 55 African countries attended a virtual press conference by the Shincheonji Church: Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meanings. Chairman of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Man Hee Lee addressed the members of the fourth estate via Zoom live from the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Shincheonji Church) revealing the true meaning of the New Testament in the Bible.

According to Man Hee Lee, Shincheonji Church of Jesus testifies the prophecies and fulfillment recorded in the Book of Revelation to the world through YouTube for a total of 10 weeks from October last year recording a total of 8 million cumulative views on YouTube so far.

During a seminar last year, Shincheonji Church signed MOUs with more than 1,200 pastors and seminaries in 57 countries and now the church is supporting the exchange of the word of the Bible to each church and seminary.

Chairman Lee said that he especially loves Africa among global village and that he hopes Africans who have good faiths would come into the Word and get to understand God’s stance and His Will.

Insisting on his commitment in ensuring that they achieve the church’s main goal and purpose, Lee stated that the secret of the heaven is recorded with parables in the Bible, and he hopes that whole world would understand the true meaning of parable through word seminar so that they could believe in it and reach salvation.

To sum up the address, Chairman Lee asked all the press associates to promote that there is a testimony on the prophecy and fulfillment of Revelation and the secrets of kingdom of heaven available to everyone today.

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