In the Chemuche Ward of Malava Constituency in Kakamega County, the implementation of the “Majiko Project” is gaining momentum, thanks to the effective collaboration between the ward representative,

Geoffrey Sikolia, the representative of Chemuche Ward, highlighted the visible progress in the area, particularly in the distribution of cooking stoves to the women. He praised the partnership with Delight Organization, which provided these stoves.

Sikolia urged the women in these areas to register with his office and get prioritized for the important kitchen appliance.

Addressing the issue of motorcycle taxis (bodaboda), he mentioned that he facilitated over twenty young individuals to undergo driving training and obtain licenses. However, he expressed concern about the challenges they face due to the lack of proper permits.

Furthermore, he mentioned that he invited the Deputy Governor of Kakamega County, Ayub Savula, who launched the bodaboda initiative. Sikolia encouraged the community to join the groups established under this program.

The commendable efforts of Geoffrey Sikolia have undoubtedly contributed to the overall development and livelihood improvement in the Chemuche Ward and its surrounding areas.

By John Mmasava

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