As a former chief of Lukume location West Kabras ward, Malava sub county Kakamega county,  Zacharia Injendi points out that as someone who was a teacher by profession as well as acted and continues to be part of administration, education systems have really changed over time and development continues except for challenges such as Covid 19 that interfered with learning.

This lowered discipline among students since most of them are used to going to discos at burials, use alcohol among others hence they burned schools, had early pregnancies as well as commit truancy. All stakeholders perhaps due to uncertainties in life also experienced a lot of confusion in the pandemic period.

Moreover, he added that all this could also be caused due to parents’ lack of control on their children. This has escalated drug use, truancy and even early pregnancies, which he terms as a hostile environment that has interfered with education standards.

 However, despite all this, he wishes the students all the best despite the challenges. In addition, he urged them to tackle things as they come it might be even tougher next year.

By Laura Mmosi

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