Jijenge 254 Association, led by its dynamic Chairman Caleb Israel Amukoa, recently organized the Walenisi Fest which was a resounding success. The association was founded with the intention of nurturing the skills of artisans, supporting agricultural endeavors, promoting environmental conservation, discovering and promoting artistic talents among youth, providing financial assistance through the Jijenge Sacco, and facilitating earning opportunities through the media.

During the event, youth had the opportunity to showcase their talents while being inspired by Chairman Caleb Amukoa’s words of wisdom. His message of unity and collective effort, encapsulated in the phrase “Walenisi: Wale ni Sisi,” emphasized the importance of supporting youth and ensuring they benefit from their talents. He highlighted the transformative power of talent and encouraged the audience to leverage their abilities for economic empowerment.

Chairman Caleb Amukoa’s ambitious vision for Jijenge 254 Association includes the establishment of Ingo Millers, a modern milling factory in Kakamega town, as well as a rabbit breeding and training center. Additionally, plans are underway to provide cloud-based WiFi services in Kakamega County and its surroundings. The association operates on the principle of “Each one reach one,” emphasizing the importance of collective action in realizing the dreams and aspirations of the youth, regardless of tribal, religious, or political affiliations.

The motto of the Jijenge 254 Association underscores their commitment to creating opportunities for youth to flourish and succeed. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, the association aims to see youth thrive and achieve their full potential, with their talents serving as a pathway to success and prosperity.

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