A farmer in Fukoye village, Tande sub-location, malava Sub County in Kakamega County is counting losses after his four cows were struck dead by lightening following the heavy down pour on Monday afternoon.

According to the farmer, Jacob Lucheveleli, his herd was grazing in Fukoye area, A section of Malava Forest reserved for animal grazing, when he heard thunder and saw lightening that signified a heavy downpour. He decided to wait for the rain to calm so as to go check on the animals from the grazing field as its been norm for farmers in the area.

After the heavy rains, he made his way to the grazing ground approximately 300 metres from his home. to his disbelief, he found four cows lying on the ground dead. Also, a tree had its bark off a sign that it had been struck by lightning.

Residents were grieved by the loss that Mr. Lucheveleli was presented with terming it a bad omen that had not befallen them in the present day.

Fukoye area village elder, Mr. Isaiah Ofua observed that a similar happening was in the early 1970s when a farmer’s bull was struck by lightning. He went ahead and cautioned residents of consuming the meat from the animals as it will bring more traditional harm to the society.

By Wycliffe Andabwa

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