Residents of Sigalagala village, Shinyalu sub-county on the borders of Kakamega and Vihiga counties woke up to a rude shock where unknown people slaughtered a cow and a sheep of one of the residents and left their skin, head and their intestines to a house belonging to a deceased person in the area.

The owner of the cow, Josephat Mukabwa, says he woke up in the morning and went to the barn to find an amazing herd of cattle and sheep staring at him while he was left speechless. , the head of a cow and intestines inside the house of a relative who was killed on suspicion of robbery and left the house open.

Locals led by Damaris Lijoodi, Stephen Lugonzo and Muhanji Alusa have reported cases of rampant cattle rustling in the village following a recent incident in which nine stolen cattle were caught in a truck being transported from the town and one suspect, while a man was also arrested and three stolen calves transporting them into a tuktuk.

Police in Kakamega are investigating claims that some butcheries in Shinyalu, Malava, Lubao and Kambiri may be selling meat from stolen cows. Theft of cows at the border of Kakamega and Nandi counties, in most cases, take place on Wednesday nights. The criminals transport the animals pretending they belong to them and that they are taking them to Lubao, where the market days are on Thursdays.

By Sajida Javan

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