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Govt to Lift Ban on Scrap Metal Dealing as it Announces Re-registration Fees

The fees for re-registration of Scrap Metal dealers are out.

The Government of Kenya announced that it also seeks to gradually lift the ban on scrap metal dealing with effect from 1st May 2022.

The ban, which was imposed on 20th January 2022, was necessitated by increased vandalism of critical public infrastructure and utilities and stolen private property including transformers, transmission lines, rail, and road infrastructure.

The new regulations issued by the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Industrialization, Trade, and Enterprise Development Betty Maina notes that only licensed businesses will, henceforth, be allowed to operate once the ban is lifted.

Licensed dealers, millers, and smelters will pay fees of KSh250,000 for over 5,000kg of scrap metal, agents will pay KSh150,000 for 5,000kg, and collectors and jua kali will pay KSh50,000 for 3,000kg.

Steel fabricators, motor vehicle salvage operators and stockists of second-hand motor spare, electrical, rewinders and local welding machines will pay KSh50,000 for any amount of kgs.

Further, any person who undertakes the scrap metal trade without a license commits an offense and risks paying a fine not exceeding KSh10 million or imprisonment not exceeding 3 years or both.

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